Communication & Accessibility

We ensure that all client communications are dealt with promptly. Both lawyers have voicemail, secretarial and para-legal backup and can also be reached via e-mail. We believe in a full and frank discussion of all of the issues involved in a client’s problem, emphasizing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Client Involvement

We encourage our clients to be directly involved in the work on their file, as much as possible. This helps to ensure a good flow of communication and teamwork between the lawyer and client resulting in costs savings to our clients. We ensure that clients receive copies of all important correspondence and documents as the file progresses.

Conflicts of Interest

Before beginning work on any matter, we ensure that we have no conflicts of interest in representing the client. If in the course of the work a conflict of interest arises, we discuss it with the client immediately.

Professional Liability Insurance

As required by the Law Society of Upper Canada, we carry professional liability insurance that will cover losses incurred by any client as a result of an error or omission which might occur at our office.