Normally, before beginning any work, we discuss the nature, scope and potential cost with the client. Unless the fees to be charged are on a flat rate basis, they are calculated on the basis of time spent and may then be adjusted to reflect other factors. Time is carefully recorded for each file. No charge is made for secretarial services, but where para-legal work is delegated to a secretary, student billing rates are charged.


Out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of a client are charged at cost.

Other Professionals

We ask for our client’s approval before hiring other consultants or third party service providers, such as accountants, business valuators, engineers or medical experts.

If specialized legal help is needed beyond what our firm can offer, we have a network of expert lawyers to draw on.

Advance Retainers

Depending on the nature of the matter, we may or may not require an advance against fees and disbursements. The amount of any advance requested depends on the nature of the work to be undertaken, the degree of responsibility we assume, and the anticipated costs. Advance retainers are deposited to our trust account and accounted for in full.


Accounts are due upon receipt. If payment for services on an as rendered basis is not possible or convenient, we will discuss alternatives with you such as fixed monthly payments or payment upon settlement or judgment of a litigious matter.

Goods & Services Tax

Applicable Goods and Services Tax is added to fees and disbursements charged.